Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question? You will find the answers here. Or contact us if you to ask anything

How to buy stuff from China ?
You need to copy and paste the link that you want to order, fill in the products cost following the price in Taobao Website, ( fill in local shipping cost if have ), select color and size and click on add to cart button.
I don’t know Chinese , How can I make a purchase ?
If customers can’t read chinese, we would like to suggest that you use google translate to support or contact our customer service team for supporting information.
Which size should I choose? How Can I know whether it fits me or not ?
Please check the size chart in the link description for detail.
Can I cancel my orders?
Please contact our customer service team immediately, products that haven’t arrived at our warehouse in China can be cancelled free of charge.
Why is my stuff coming so late ?
Because some seller are far from our china stock in China, or seller waiting for their production , poor service seller.
Do I have to pay extra duties or taxes for the product I ordered?
For common orders, there will not be any further charge beside service and delivery fee. For special orders, please contact our customer service team for clarification.
What is the warranty of the product I ordered?
It depends on the seller on Taobao. Please note that returning the item will result in further delivery fee.
Can I ask product related questions to the seller directly?
Sure, Taobao offers an official messaging app named “AliWangWang”.
I accidentally placed 2 identical orders. Can I cancel one of them?
Please contact our customer service team immediately after placing the order.
How to choose a trustful seller ?
There are many points you can check including seller’s rating and product feedback.
How to choose a good product in terms of quality ?
You can try by carefully reading the description, check the seller’s rating, view the picture in the feedback page as they are real picture from fellow customers.
What do I need to spend on when purchasing the stuff ?
Customers have to pay the product cost, logistic delivery fee in China, the shipping from China to Cambodia, and Taobao buying fee.
How long do I need to wait for when I confirm the order ?
Products will arrive after 8-9 days after product received in taobaooutlet stock in china.
How can I know when my product arrives ?
Taobaooutlet will alert customer through Call , Message and facebook page chat.
How to pay for the stuff ?
Customer can choose to pay on Cash when delivery , or E-payment as available below.
How can I know when I receive my product ?
Customer can choose to delivery method , or walk in to get the stuffs.
What can I do when I receive broken stuff from China ?
Please report the error to Taobao outlet page , take photo of the products and product ID, our team will report the problem to seller , and waiting the seller response.
Why is Cash On Delivery (COD) unavailable?
Over 100$ of purchase cannot request COD due to the financial safety policy.
How can you know if my payment was successful?
Customer has to send the payment slip as a screenshot and submit it to our website for verification.
What is Taobaooutlets’s policy and conditions for Returns?
Please contact our customer service. If there is any problem, we will try out best to solve.
I received the wrong / damaged / missing part, what should I do?
Please contact our customer service immediately.
How do I know if my cancellation request was accepted?
Cancelled products will be removed from your account on our website.
What if I lost my phone number?
Your facebook account can also be used.
Can I ask other people to get the stuff instead of me?
Yes, you can. Please inform our customer service team in advance.
How can I change my data information?
When you click check out, we will offer you to select, or modify your address information.
How taobaooutlets verify data privacy?
One user can only connect one phone number and one facebook account.
How do I provide feedback to the Data Protection Officer?
Please contact us at (+855)10666520.